Coastal Region Map

Developing the region’s workforce and equipping the community to understand and sustain the valuable coastal ecosystems.

Georgia’s dynamic coastal environment and its communities are changing rapidly, from population growth to sea level rise and coastal development to aging infrastructure.

For more than 50 years, UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant has worked with coastal communities and industries to generate practical solutions to these issues. UGA faculty bridge academic knowledge with local needs, working to provide answers to local governments, coastal industries, and communities that need them most.

Efforts include:

  • Studying the challenges of Georgia’s commercial fishing industry and providing training to improve and sustain this field.
  • Identifying areas vulnerable to flooding, storm surge, and pollution and helping implement projects to manage these challenges.
  • Hosting community science programs that monitor coastal habitats to improve understanding, conservation, and stewardship of Georgia’s coastal resources.

Impact on the Coastal Region

students collect litter on Tybee Island during an IMPACT spring break service trip


Protecting the Georgia Coast

UGA students cleanup the Georgia marsh and get rid of invasive plants.



Shoring up ecotourism in Georgia

To visit the most pristine areas of Georgia’s barrier islands, you’ll likely need to hire one of the mom-and-pop ecotourism businesses that charter tours to these enchanting but sensitive places. An award-winning UGA program trains these ecotour guides to give enriching tours without disturbing fragile ecosystems.

Commercial Fishing


Charting a new course

UGA teaches high school students the ropes of commercial shrimping

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